Mechanical Steel Tubing

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Mechanical Steel Tubing

Wholesalers of various metal tubing and pipe, MB Metals offers mechanical tubing for a wide range of applications. Available in square, rectangular, round and ornamental steel configurations, mechanical tubing is designed for use in various pieces of machinery, agriculture equipment, vehicles, infrastructure and more.

Ornamental Mechanical Tubing

Sometimes referred to as “decorative tube”, this type of mechanical tubing is used in applications where appearance is important, such as boat railings and ladders, automotive step bars, and playground equipment, to name a few.

Round Mechanical Tubing

For general use, round steel tubing is great for high-strength applications that demand tight tolerances, particularly in the construction and automotive industries.

Square Mechanical Tubing

Commonly used for structuring buildings, bridges, railway cars and more, square steel tubing is the high-strength steel tubing choice for many businesses in industrial manufacturing and infrastructure. Additionally, this tubing is a common choice for fencing, in both commercial and residential settings.

Rectangular Mechanical Tubing

Similar to square mechanical tubing, rectangular mechanical tubing is used in a variety of industrial and infrastructural applications, working as supports, braces and framework for construction. Typically, rectangular mechanical tubing is used for structural support purposes.

Whether ornamental, round, rectangular or square, mechanical tubing is typically cut and designed for specific uses. It also has a uniform thickness and virtually seamless structure, helping ensure there are no weak spots where potential bends or breaks could occur. Though it does not offer the same weight support as structural tubing, mechanical tubing allows you to utilize many of the same advantages of steel, while having high levels of customization with tight tolerances.

At MB Metals, our 20 years of experience as a specialty mechanical tubing and pipe supplier has taught us how to provide our customers with excellent quality and reliable delivery at a competitive price. We can supply the mechanical tubing to meet your needs. Call us today at 1-800-274-2008, or request a free quote.

Mechanical Tubing

ASTM A500 Grades A, B – Black, P&O, Cold Rolled (CR) and ASTM A513 – P&O, and Cold Rolled (CR)

Size: 1/2″ x 1/2″ – 3″ x 3″ Size: 1/2″ up to 3″ Available in Red, Blue, Grey, and Customer Specified Colors
Wall Thickness: .049″, .060″, .065″, .072″, .083″, .090″, .095″, .109″, .120″ Wall Thickness: .049″, .060″, .065″, .072″, .083″, .090″, .095″, .109″,.120″
Lengths: 20′, 24′, Customer specified lengths Lengths: 20′, 24′, Customer specified lengths

Square and Rectangular Mechanical Tubing A500 / A513

.063″ .065″ .072″ .083″ .090″ .095″ .104″ .109″ .120″
1″ 1.315″
1-1/4″ 1.660″
1-1/2″ 1.900″
2″ 2.375″
2-1/2″ 2.875″