Steel Tubing

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Steel Tubing

MB Metals is a leading supplier of steel tubing to the Western United States.  We offer a full line of standard sizes and grades of steel tubing for wholesale distributors and steel service center customers.

MB Metals supplies both Structural & Mechanical or Ornamental steel tubing.

Surface coatings include black with light oil, lacquer, galvanized and primer coated (red, blue and other colors). Length ranges from 20 – 48 ft to specific customer required lengths. Additionally, we are able to provide certain specialty products to customer specifications. Both inch and metric sized material are available.

When considering steel tubing suppliers, MB Metals should be at the top of your list.  Our more than 20 years of industry experience allows us to provide our customers with superior service in their search for steel tubing to meet their needs. Count on us to provide you with competitive, transparent pricing and reliable quality. Call us today at 1-800-274-2008 or request a free quote.